Text Box: Ray Taylor

I have long been aware of the impact of glass on space and how the quality of space can influence the way that people behave.  I enjoy interactive art and try to engage my audience in my work.  My contribution to this exhibition explores how visual elements seen through a window impact on how we view the surface. 
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Text Box: MA Glass	 29 September - 28 October 2012
Colonnade Gallery, Waterfront Museum, Swansea
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Themis Mikellides



Themis has recently launched the ‘Dimensions’ range of double and triple glazed decorative units. This state of the art glazing includes photographic screen-printed images that transmit and receive colour and light creating a three-dimensional optical experience.


Ray Collins



Ray, having worked as a construction professional all his working life, has been inspired by the built environment in his design of glass. The strong patterns, lines and grids that comprise an architectural design or a building façade have proven to be strong design drivers for his practice.

Ella Osa



During the MA course, I have developed an interest in the moonlight and the ways in which it affects our vision and sense of colour. My work, displayed in this exhibition, is created in order to reclaim that precious, magical time; a time that most of us have become alienated from through modern life.

Dena Michelli



Dena has a passion for colour and light and she manifests this through the exquisite medium of mouth-blown glass that casts colour into the viewing space. It is with this glass that she works to explore its boundaries and to conjure up responses in those who are subjected to its effect.

Wadia Haidar



From the onset of embarking on the MA the idea was always to explore areas in glass design that may challenge conventional ideas. There was no indication that this could result in combining love of painting with exploration of three dimensional wax polygon shapes and Japanese textiles.

Yvonne Daters



Inspired by the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, and ancient artefacts within the collection, still beautiful in their faded state, I have applied my combined interest in glass and drawing to creatively interpret some of them and to reflect my experience of visiting there.

Ian Wilson



My claim to fame, if I have one, is that I have devised new ways of staining glass. My research has greatly benefited from my previous life in science. My artistic inspiration has also come from science; patterns found in nature. The full pallet of my stains is exhibited as a homage to the perfect geometrical shape; the circle.