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Skin Deep: Birth, Brothers, Frenzy, Help, Repair, Ritual, Self Defence, Tribal   - each 15 x 50 cm - kiln-formed glass

Ray Taylor responds to the razor, and the cuts that are an inevitable consequence of his life with glass.  Each of his eight glass-panel presentations of incised skin refers to different contexts in which blood is shed.  Opacity and transparency, terms that connect with the physicality of glass stand also for the nature of the work.  His literally harrowing subject, presented in elegant form, nevertheless remains accessible simultaneously on and beneath the surface.  Pointed questions arise about what is considered normal.  Cutting and scarring have found times and places as the norm worldwide.  Why do we recoil?  Might we learn uncomfortable and enlightening truths from those who are in control of their relationship with this kind of decoration?  Cutting, seen conventionally as 'self harm', is for some a link to self preservation, self realisation.

Review by David Minton