Text Box: MA Glass	 29 September - 28 October 2012
Colonnade Gallery, Waterfront Museum, Swansea

Panel G was furthest to the right and formed the final panel in the composition when approaching from the main entrance.  The view through the panel to the right was limited by bushes.  The view directly through the panel was onto the banner and BT tower, which were the subjects of panel F.  The view through the panel to the left was therefore considered as the focus for this design, and also corresponded with the direction of approach of those visitors entering through the east entrance to the Gallery.  The view to the left was towards the body of the Museum.  The slate elevation is punctuated by a small number of windows that appear as horizontal slits and stand out strongly, like mirrors, when the sun hits them and reflects into the Gallery.  The design of Panel G isolated and multiplied those slits.


This panel was formed by slumping glass over fibre paper to create a texture on the back surface of the glass. 

A series of ‘lenses’ in the glass were created to act as windows within the panel to correspond to the windows in the slate wall opposite. The panel was entirely clear, using sand blasting, kiln polishing and slumping.  The frame was defined by a slot lens on each side.

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