Text Box: Workplace
Text Box: Glass
Text Box: Ray Taylor
MA Glass
BA Hons 3D Design

Text Box: Ray trained in Art and 3-Dimensional Design
specialising in Interior Design.  His experience gained through Workplace Design allows him to focus now 
on strategy and concepts for the development of 
flexible, contemporary workplaces.  
Research into each organisation’s 
particular method of operation 
generates specific workplace solutions.
Text Box: Ray also produces architectural and decorative glass
and applies the same combination of analysis and creativity to the development of his designs, to express a 
particular theme, corporate vision or business process.  

Ray has recently been awarded MA Glass from 
the Welsh School of Architectural Glass in Swansea.

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Text Box: Commercial and domestic 
architectural and decorative glass. 
Casting, slumping, fusing, painting, sandblasting, lead, foil and appliqué.

Text Box: Space Analysis, Flexible Working, 
Workplace Modelling, Workplace Scenarios, Space Forecasting, Building Appraisals, 
Building Stacking, Space Planning.