Text Box: Paper


Julie trained in Art and 3-Dimensional Design,

specialising in Theatre Design, and subsequently

worked as a Scenic Artist on productions at

Glyndebourne and Covent Garden. 

Julie now creates art work for commercial

and domestic settings.  She also prepares and

delivers school and private art workshops.


Julie has developed a unique style of

three-dimensional artwork, and produces hand-made, sculpted, paper forms inspired by rock formations,

their shifting movements, and their textures. 

Julie has exhibited in galleries in Kent,

London, Scotland and California.

Text Box: Much of the paper is hand-made, from renewable 
and recycled sources.  The papers are coloured 
with oils, pastels and raw graphite.  Small amounts of slate, copper foil and gold leaf are included.

Commissions are scaled and coloured to suit commercial and domestic settings.  Forms and materials can be selected to provide abstract representations of a client’s business, or simply 
to enhance an interior space.  Concept sketches 
are prepared for all commissions.

Contact Julie to buy or commission paper sculpture.
Text Box: Julie S Taylor
BA Hons 3D Design

Text Box: Commercial and domestic artwork 
using geological forms for inspiration. 
Hand made papers, minerals, metals, 
pigments and colouring agents.