Text Box: MA Glass	 29 September - 28 October 2012
Colonnade Gallery, Waterfront Museum, Swansea

Panel A would be the first to be viewed.  It was important that it introduce the concept for the work as simply as possible and encourage viewers to interact with it and the other panels.


The use of mirror and treatments meant that viewers would see their own reflection.  The design of the spectacles was based on those worn by Ray, as a form of signature.  The height and size of the spectacles provided viewers with the opportunity to allow their reflection to ‘wear’ the spectacles.  The removal of the lenses from the spectacles also allowed viewers to look through the spectacles.


Surface treatments to the front and back of the mirror allowed light to glow through the mirror and also draw attention to the surface of the mirror.


This seemingly simple design was therefore complex in its intention to encourage viewers to see it and interact with it in different ways.  The slightly provocative surface text was intended to amuse and to further encourage a sense of playfulness. The cartoon-like frame made reference to the Queen’s magic mirror in Snow White.

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