Text Box: MA Glass	 29 September - 28 October 2012
Colonnade Gallery, Waterfront Museum, Swansea

Viewers would have engaged with the previous two panels and would now be directly in front of the panels, so panel C would be viewed almost straight on.  There was little of interest in the buildings opposite other than strong horizontal banding and the slate.  This design drew attention to the ground floor square windows opposite, bringing visual weight to the bottom of the panel by making reference to the Museum Garden.


Three immature silver birch trees were dwarfed by the scale

of the Museum building.  The leftmost tree, shaded by the building, grew towards the morning sun.  Its gentle leaning, almost unnoticed, broke the rigid building forms.  Voids were created in the design to allow the tree to drop into the spaces as viewers found the correct locations in the Gallery to view the panel.  A floating forest of trees was created, with surface treatments to imply the distinctive bark of the trees and to allow the glass to sparkle, even without direct sunlight.


The simple, graphic nature of this design used solid air-brushed colour, deep sand carving, light sand misting and

kiln polishing.  The frame was a faint linear design.

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